Fat Loss Factor Review

If you are reading this Fat Loss Factor review, I’m guessing you are trying to find a way to lose weight.  I’ve been there.  It’s tough.  I’ve been through the yo-yo so many times I can’t count.  Start a new diet, lose some weight, feel better about myself, and then when I go off of the diet before long I’m right back to where I started.

I’ve tried so many different diets.  That’s part of the reason for this site.  I want to help people find the best diets for weight loss.  It seems that there is a new “this is it” diet every year.  Why is that do you think?  If someone found the answer then why do we need a new diet every year?  The problem lies in the diet as a concept.  We are overweight because we over eat.  If we continue to overeat then we will always be over weight.  Think about it.

For me, I’ve had reasonably good success with Medifast and Nutrisystem.  The problem I have is that when I get close to my normal weight and decide I’d like to have some normal food for a while I end up packing the pounds back on.  The same thing happened when I followed the Atkins diet, and the South Beach diet.

So what is the answer?  I know, this is a long intro to for my Fat Loss Factor review but I think these points are important.  The key is to find a program that doesn’t feel like a diet and stay on it.  We need to change our thinking.  The “diet” needs to be eating the foods we like.  Our normal eating needs to be healthy, right portioned meals.  We don’t need to give up what we love.  We just need to do it right.

Is Fat Loss Factor the Answer?

Keep reading this Fat Loss Factor review, and decide for yourself.  First, lets take a look at the principles of the program.  Dr. Charles Lvingston developed the diet.  Who is this guy?  I did a little research and found out that he is a Chiropractor and Nutritional Specialist residing in Indiana.  He’s a real person.  It might seem odd that a Chiropractor is also a Nutritionist, but when you think about it they actually fit together very well.  A chiropractor needs to understand body design and I’m sure many of his patients were out of whack because of that spare tire hanging over their belts.  Being overweight wreaks havoc on you your back, joints, and so many other areas.

How Does it Work?

There are two phases to the Fat Loss Factor program.  The first phase is a two week detox.  I’ll do my best to explain briefly but it’s probably best if you watch his video explaining the science behind it.   At any rate, the reason for the detox part is to get your organs functioning properly again.  Dr. Charles explains how toxins prevent our liver from functioning properly which actually slows down our ability to lose fat.  It’s pretty interesting.  Check out the video.

Fat Loss Factor Review

During the detox phase you will be limited to organic foods like vegetables, nuts, beans, and fruit.  Some may find it difficult but if you persevere through the 2 weeks of this you will truly benefit.  Check out some of the crazy testimonials about how much some people have lost during detox.  With focus and determination you can do it.

Fat Loss Factor Review: Phase 2

Phase two is the long-term diet program.  I don’t like to use the term diet.  It’s the long term eating plan.  Here you will get to introduce other foods back into your diet.  You will also get training on how to exercise.  There is a major focus on high-intensity interval training.  If you have an aversion to exercise like I do this may not sound like fun.  Here’s how I look at it though.  Would you rather spend an hour of disdain performing mindless low intensity exercise, or spend 15 minutes of excruciating hate with high intensity interval training?  I’ll take the 15 minutes of hate.  Besides, the results are better.

Overall the eating plan is sensible and there isn’t anything overly earth shattering about the foods or the plan.  Eat several small meals.  Base the foods on the glycemic index for beset results, etc.

Why Should I Buy Fat Loss Factor?

I want to be honest in my Fat Loss Factor review so I’ll be the first to tell you that most of the information is not new.  What the book teaches you about eating and exercising is known.  You can find most of it freely on the internet if you surf some weight loss or fitness forums.

So why then would you bother buying the program?  It’s simple, while this information is out there you will also find many myths, misconceptions, and just down right bad advice as well.  Fat Loss Factor will help you avoid having to wade through the BS.  In short, it saves you time and bad information.  Not to mention, I like step-by-step instructions.  Yes, I was one of those crazy kids that actually read the instructions.  Call me crazy but I like to know that when I follow a plan I will achieve the intended results rather than trial and error.

Finally, there are some great tools that they offer from videos, shopping list, a grocery list creator, and more.  Some of the tools you have to pay for.  Purchase only if you see value.  In the end there is a money back guarantee.  I’ve seen a few people posting comments that they were unable to get their refund.  I guarantee that they weren’t going to the right place.  Fat Loss Factor is being sold through Clickbank.  Clickbank handles the refund and the author has no choice but to adhere to Clickbank’s refund policy.

There you have it.  My Fat Loss Factor Review.  If it sounds like it will help you give it a shot.  If it isn’t for you I’m sure we can help you find the plan that will help you reach your long term goals of being fit and healthy.



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Finding Weight Loss Difficult? Try These Weight Loss Tips!

weight loss tipsSometimes losing weight is not easy. This can be for a variety of reasons, but one reason in particular is that you can’t figure out a system that works for you. Getting a system and rhythm in place is the best thing for your weight loss goals and here are a few weight loss tips that might help.

A simple weight loss tip you can do easily is to eat your meals slowly. Chew the foods until it is almost liquid. Your body will process the food more efficiently and you can better absorb nutrients, also, when you eat slowly your stomach reports to the brain it is already filling up.

Plan out your meals in advance to make sure you can stick to your diet. Pre-planning your meals will stop any temptations to add any unhealthy choices. Be sure to stay with this healthy eating plan. If you become bored of your diet, you can replace items with other healthy choices. Cooking the food can burn some calories.

Don’t eat when you feel sad or angry, as this can have dangerous results. Exercise to brighten your mood. Endorphins released during a workout are a great way to boost a mood and lose weight.

Track Your Activity

Use an odometer to track movement. Research shows that 10,000 steps per day is optimum for weight loss and better health, so try one out. If you discover that you are under 10,000 steps, add more to your routine.

Keep a diet diary to help you lose weight. In it, it’s not necessary for you to be a calorie counter. You will find writing down the foods you consume to be helpful. You may be eating more calories than you anticipate. You will also be able to get a better idea of how healthy your food choices really are. You may not want an extra cookie if it means you have to record it.

Once you have made some really good headway on your diet with a large enough weight or inches loss, give your closet a spring-cleaning and bless someone else with those larger-sized clothes that you no longer need. It is a great way to reflect on your weight-loss success, and it builds your confidence for the road ahead. It also keeps you motivated to stay at the size you are currently.

Great Weight Loss Tips: Eat Slowly

Enjoy conversation whenever you’re in a restaurant. This can slow down your food intake, allowing your body time to feel full, instead of over-eating. Participating in conversations can lower your intake.

Give yourself some rewards. If you adhere to your diet, it does not hurt to have a tasty dessert or some other treat now and then. These rewards are not to be labeled as diet slip-ups. It just means you are aware that you are making progress with your plan to lose weight. Don’t overdo it with rewards, though. Your diet should become your lifestyle and not be a punishment.

Since eating healthy can be very costly, you should find coupons to make sure you get the best prices. This will allow you to get the best prices on fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Keep a note of the store with the best prices, and stick to your list.

Find Exercises You Like

Sex is a wonderful exercise! Participating in sex that is done in a healthy manner can assist you in regulating how much foot you consume. In addition, it’s an excellent method of getting some exercise. This tip probably seems strange at first, but it really does help you get an enjoyable workout.

Even if you are anxious about taking a snap shot of yourself at your current weight, it can be helpful for motivation. Not only is comparing your “before” picture to your ultimate “after” incredibly rewarding, having your “before” on file will help you continue to avoid unhealthy temptation in the future.

If you plan your weekly meals, not only will you save money, but you will have a line up of healthy meals ready to be prepared each week. By planning ahead, you will be able to avoid the drive thru while still having quick and easy-to-prepare meals at the ready.

Use these tips to develop a personal daily routine. Stick to these tips, and expand them to the point that they are suitable for you and your life. Dedicate yourself completely, and in time, you will find weight loss to be simpler than you ever dreamed

Exercise Advice

Exercise AdviceDo you dread going to the gym every day or are you one of those crazy people that loves to work out?  I’m the former.  I hate working out.  It isn’t that I don’t like to be active I just don’t like working out.  This was a great detriment to my goal of being fit and healthy.  So what did I do about it?

Well first, I realized that diet has much more to do with your weight than exercise. It’s true.  What we eat is 90 percent of the equation for getting the body you want.  Exercise helps but exercise alone won’t get you into that pair of jeans or make you look good in a bikini.  It’s like the icing on a cake but it isn’t the whole cake.

With this new found knowledge I took a different approach to exercise.  I simply started doing a little bit every day.  After all a little is better than nothing.  I could deal with 15 minutes of exercise every morning.  I can handle 15 minutes of almost anything, and three times a week was perfectly acceptable.  Guess what happened.  I started seeing results.  By having my diet in check, and doing this nominal amount of exercise I was actually able to be consistent.  This is a much different approach than my usual crazy diet and excruciating workout routine that I would give up on after 2 weeks because I just couldn’t take it any more.

A crazy thing happened just a few months later.  I weighed less than I had in 10 years.  I felt better, slept better, and was happier than I had been in a long time and all because of 15 minutes three times a week.

Here are a few Tips

1.  Pick something you like, or at least hate the least.  Go for a walk or a jog.  Do yoga.  Whatever it is that you can handle three times a week for 15 minutes.

2.  Change it up.  Your body will adapt to anything that it faces repeatedly.  So, every couple of weeks do something new.  There are an endless supply of exercise videos.  Check youtube or even Netflix has some exercise videos that you can stream.

3.  Forget about the results.  Just do it without thinking about the results you are looking for.  Before you know it your belt will be a little too big.

4.  Get started today.  There is an old Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is today.”  Do your 15 minutes of exercise and then go about the rest of your day.

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Are you losing the battle of the bulge?  It’s a fierce battle in our age of fast food and too busy to cook a meal routines.  How are we supposed to lose weight when most of our meals come from restaurants and their portions are too big, the food is saturated with fats and sauces that are chalked full of calories?  It’s tough.  It is a constant struggle.   Well today we are going to talk about achieving long term weight lost goals.

Changing Your Mindset

The first thing we must do to be healthy and happy is change our mindset about diets and eating.  First of all, stop eating out every meal.  Your friends won’t think less of you.  Your co workers won’t be offended.  They will respect your decision.  If not at first they certainly will when you are sporting your trim new waste line.  Proceed with the end goal in mind.

The next thing that has to change is our approach to dieting.  The best diet to lose weight is no diet at all.  That’s right.  Put your diet on a diet.  Now don’t get mad at me.  I’m not crazy.  I’m not selling you a bill of goods saying you can pop a pill, eat what you want and lose weight like crazy.  That pill doesn’t exist.  What you need to do is eat for long term weight control and quit dieting.  A diet will help you lose weight but as soon as you go back to your old ways you will gain all of that weight back.  Your normal eating routine is wrong.  It’s bad.  If it were okay you wouldn’t be spending your time reading this article.  You know I’m right.

The Weight Loss Equation

We all know how to lose weight.  The concept is easy.   Consume fewer calories than our body uses in a day and we will lose weight.  Why then is weight loss so hard?  There are a hundred different reasons we eat too much.  I could go on and on about how are bodies are genetically programmed to store fat to prepare for famine to help us survive.  I could also spend a great deal of time talking about eating for stress, boredom, or comfort.  You know all about that though.  It isn’t a mystery.  We like to eat.  Food makes us feel good until it’s gone.  Afterwards is the discomfort of being too full and the guilt for overeating.

Lets stop the madness.  Put an end to resolutions to lose weight and lets just lose weight.  You know what it takes.  Now here are some tips how.

Getting Started

Make a decision that you will maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Instead of dieting you will accept that you have to change your eating habits.  No more junk food every day.  Have junk food once a week.  Think about the pain and agony you put yourself through every time you go on a crazy diet?  If you can put up with that for a couple of weeks or a month I think you can manage to eat sensibly for 6 days a week and give yourself one day to eat the foods you love.

Build a Support Structure

Enlists close friends, family, or join a group so you have support and you are held accountable.  Are you going to be more likely to cheat if you are the only one looking at the scale, or when you have to weigh yourself in front of your weight loss group each week?  I’m telling you this accountability system really works.

Don’t be Short Sited

This one is hard for me.  I like instant gratification.  I want my weight loss now.  The thing is trying to lose 20 pounds in a month is hard.  I’ve failed so many times.  I would give myself 3 months to get the body I’ve always wanted only to come up short.  How much easier is it to accept that it will take you a year but you will never have to go through this again.   If you lose two pounds a week (which isn’t hard) and do that each and every week you can lose up to 100 pounds in a year.  I was overweight for 10 years and failed to reach my goal every year until I finally just realized that I need to quit going to extremes and chip away at my problem.  Seven months later I was exactly where I wanted and it didn’t take that much.  I just made the decision to be healthy and planned my meals ahead of time.

This last point is really important.  Plan your meals and track your progress.  Make a meal calendar for the week and decide what you will eat and stick to it.  If you know what  you are going to eat and when it makes it so much easier to be healthy.  You’ll find that you save money not eating out every day too.

Good luck and enjoy the new you that you will soon uncover.

Calorie’s Burned Tool

Here is a nifty little tool that will help you track how many calories you burned during exercise.  I know, there are nifty little wristbands out now that will do all of this for you throughout the day and you can upload the results to neat software that will give you charts and graphs.  At some point in the near future we are going to review some of the more popular models.  In the meantime for those of you who want a more low tech way of tracking your calories burned here is a tool.

How to Use It

If you have a heart rate monitor it will make this easier.  Some even count calories burned for you.  The manual way to do this is to periodically check your pulse during your workout.  Just pause for a second and check your pulse for 6 seconds.  Multiply that by 10 and that is roughly your heart rate.  Do that a few times throughout your workout and take the average.  Enter that with the rest of the information below.  The calculator will tell you how many calories you burned.

There  you have it.  The old fashioned way to track your calories burned to see what impact your exercise is having on your weight loss goals.

Is the Ketogenic Diet the Best for Weight Loss

The Ketogenic Diet is a diet which is high on fats, low on carbohydrates and is optimum in protein. This diet is used to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. This diet almost emulates that of starvation because it forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.  In a human body, carbohydrates are converted into glucose which is then transported to almost every part of the body and helps in providing a driving force to brain functions.  However, if the level of carbohydrate in the diet is too less, the liver would automatically convert the fats into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone bodies are passed on to the brain and they replace the glucose as a source of energy. A high level of ketone in the blood leads to a reduction in the frequency ast which epileptic seizures take place. Doctors therefore recommend a ketogenic diet to children whose seizures have not responded well to other treatments.  It is particularly recommended for children with the Lennox Gestaut syndrome.

On the contrary, doctors usually do not recommend a ketogenic diet for adults. Studies which have been conducted on this kind of special diet has been capable of revealing that the diet works well, although the restrictions on adults continues.  The ketogenic diet has proved to be very effective for some epileptic conditions. These include infantile spasms, Rett syndrome, Doose Syndrome and GLUT- 1 deficiency among many others.

Now let us turn our attention towards how a ketogenic diet is prepared or what it is like. The typical ketogenic diet also known as the “long-chain trigycleride diet,” provides 3 to 4 grams of fat for every 1 gram of carbohydrate and protein which is consumed by one. The dietician would recommend a daily diet that contains about 75-100calories for every kilogram of body weight acquired. This seems a bit complicated right? That’s the very reason why we need a dietician’s help.

The actual kinds of food that provide fat for the diet are butter, cream, mayo and oils. And because of the reason that the amount of proteins and carbohydrates that one is going to consume is limited, the meals should be prepared very carefully. It is important to note here that no source of carbohydrate can be eaten. It is for this very reason, that one must consult a dietician for further assistance.

Now, it’s time to ensure whether a ketogenic diet has any side effects or not. If a person follows this diet for too long he may be prone to stones in the kidney,  high cholesterol levels, dehydration, constipation and bone fractures.

It should also be noted that no anticonvulsants should be stopped while one has embarked on this diet. And because the diet does not provide an ample amount of vitamins and minerals that one ought to find in a balanced diet, the dietician would recommend certain vitamin and mineral supplements.

All the more if there are any queries regarding the ketogenic diet, the Internet is always there to bail you out as usual. Hence, if you wish to embark upon this diet, you may so keeping the advice of the consulting dietician in mind.

Gluten Free Diet For Weight Loss

Now while we are talking about a Gluten Free Diet, you must be wondering what Gluten is actually. Gluten is a kind of protein which is found in wheat, barley, rye, malts and triticale. It is often used as a food addictive in the form of a thickening agent which is often termed as “dextrin”. A gluten free diet is what doctors usually suggest these days for celiac disease and allergy to wheat. However, a Gluten Free Diet may also exclude oats at the same time. There is a great divide among medical practitioners whether oats is really an allergen to people who suffer from celiac disease. When gluten is consumed in an optimum level then one need not worry. It must be noted that an excessive amount of Gluten must not be consumed. It is rather controversial to mention that the exact level at which gluten is consumed is harmless or not.

When one switches to a Gluten Free Diet it must be noted that it is a big change in one’s eating pattern. It is actually something new that one will get used to in due course of time. One may initially feel low on account of the restrictions that this diet entails. However, one must note that a gluten free product such as bread and pasta, which is consumed by many of us, is a great surprise. Today many grocery stores sell gluten free products.

Well What Am I Aloud To Eat?

Now let’s check as to what one is allowed to eat and what is not.  Many tasty foods which are immensely nutritious are also among what one may consume. It may take one by surprise when he gets to know that beans, seeds, fresh eggs, fresh meats, fish, fruits and most dairy products are gluten free.  However it is important to note at this juncture that one must ensure that these foods are not processed or mixed with gluten containing grains, additives and preservatives. It is crucially important to avoid any kind of food and drinks which contain barley, rye, triticale and wheat.

A person who has embarked on a Gluten Free Diet Plan may have low levels of vitamins and nutrients in their diets.  And therefore, avoiding grains with a gluten free diet may actually mean that one consumes less of these enriched products.

Henceforth, a Gluten Free Diet has its own shares of risks as well as its shares of well being. Henceforth, if an individual is suffering from celiac disease and wheat allergy, it must be noted that embarking upon a Gluten free diet is a must. There are certain limitations to a Gluten Free Diet, and it may be a possibility that one may not like initially. However, if one is aware of his health and well being, he may surely benefit from a Gluten Free Diet. If the times are desperate, so should be the measures. Hence even if one would not like to add a Gluten Free plan to one’s diet regime, it is recommended that he should because at the end of the day health is wealth.

Best Diets to Lose Weight Background

Every couple of days it seems there is a new fad diet.  Atkins was all the rage for a while.  Then it was the Mediterranean diet.  Don’t forget about Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Cabbage Soup Diet, and the list goes on.  What is the best diet to lose weight? It’s a tough question to answer.  The reason we have so many diet plans is that it is a huge industry.  People spend billions of dollars on weight loss products, pills, diet plans, and exercise equipment.  Some are good.  Some are not so good.  We’ll help you wade through the BS and get to a diet that will work best for you.

Must Be Sustainable

In order to help evaluate the best diets let’s take a look at some of the factors that make a good diet.  First it needs to be easy to maintain.  The problem with most diets is that they are not sustainable.  If you really look at how you got to be where you are you will find that your pattern of eating has been slowly packing on the pounds.  You didn’t gain all that weight in a couple of weeks.  If it takes months to pack on that weight does it really make sense to think that you can lose it that quickly? You may drop a few pounds quickly on a fad diet, however they are usually much too restrictive which makes it impossible to maintain long enough the meet your weight loss goals.  Often, they lead to “cheating” and binging.  If you aren’t careful you can wind up weighing more after your diet than when you began.

Look for Balance

We talked about making sure your diet is sustainable.  One thing that helps make a diet sustainable is ensuring that it is balanced.  It is never good to completely eliminate an entire food group from your diet.  The best diets to lose weight will allow food from each of the major food groups.  Your body needs protein, carbohydrates, and fats to function properly.  Eliminating any of these groups completely can have damaging effects when followed long term.  Just make sure that you eat the right foods from each of those categories.  When I mention fats I’m not talking about a candy bar.

Easy to Follow

Some diets are just really difficult to follow.  The foods are not easy to come by.  This will make it challenging to stick to.  This is especially important if you travel frequently or find yourself eating out often.  Look for a diet plan that you can maintain no matter where you are or whatever environment.

Now that we have a baseline we can start talking about specific diets and determine which are the best diets to lose weight.

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